Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Gift Idea: A Kiss in your Pocket

I made this as a part of Andrews Christmas present last year. I found it on pinterest again, but with no instructions. It’s a flip book that looks like you are blowing a kiss! Supa cute.

Here is how I did it:


What to do:
1) Take a picture of yourself blowing a kiss
I edited the picture so that the background is mainly black and white, but you can do whatever you like
2) Print off several copies of the picture, cut them out and glue them to cardstock

3) Now what you want to do is draw hearts on the different pictures. On the first picture draw none, on the second draw one, on the third draw 2 or three, and increase the number until your picture is full of hearts.

4) Hole punch the pictures and put them together in a book, tying them together with ribbon.

Good Luck!


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